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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dreams of Demons

Journal Entry

While my mind wanders, I think I should say something on the nature of our servants; the Daemons. We who have made them our study know that their natural realm is another plane of existence that has felt the rule of the Burning Legion.

These beings may have once held different forms and been not much different from ourselves, but through the twisted corruption of Fel energies now are no better than any of the many hordes of Sargeras. Evil in their basic nature, they still afford the enterprising warlock a means of power and protection. Like any user of mystical energies, often a warlock’s concentration must be focused on the complex spells they hurl forth. While this is not such an issue in the relative safety of our work chambers, the battlefield is most certainly not the place for such singular tunnel vision. Hence the service our servants perform for us. They can augment our arsenal as well as acting as a distraction whilst we get to the business of stripping the flesh from the bones of our foes with a well-placed corruption spell.

In the hierarchy of the Infernal, the servants we can draw upon are the lowly imp, the aggressive and sinister voidwalker, the tempting succubus,the magic bane of the Felhunter, the true infernal and eventually even one of Sargaras’s terror troops... the Doomguard.

The imp, while being the lowest of these spirits, provides the warlock with an affinity for the hell flames that are such a part of our natures, as well as a peculiar enhancement to our life force. Indeed, I have often found that having an imp at my side while I undertook an especially difficult project of study allowed me to concentrate for longer periods while still feeling fresh and energetic. With the addition of their ability to hurl hellfire, they certainly make for a superb companion for the aspiring warlock.

The voidwalker is generally considered the bodyguard of choice for the warlock at large. Being a creature of a more powerful nature, the use of a soul shard is necessary for the summoning of such creatures. While the use of a once living soul to fuel the entrance of such a thing onto our plan could be looked upon as evil in it’s essence, I rationalize this action with the fact that all of these servants require a sacrifice of some sort for their much desired service. Besides, I do my best to prey upon only those that are inherently evil in their nature or offer me violence. Regardless, their effect in combat more than makes up for any uncertainty my dwindling conscience presents me.

Of most interest to me about the voidwalker, is its ability to generate such loathing and animosity in those around it. I have seen hardened warriors rush blindly into combat with a voidwalker, knowing full well that the even more dangerous warlock was quickly chanting up something nasty for them. Without more research, I must simply put it down to something about the nature of the voidwalker unique to it’s breed above all other infernals, that engenders a pathological rage in those that view it. One colleague of mine postulates that the essence of the voidwalker generates artificial memories of degradation and feelings of loathing in those around them as a consequence of the Fel energies they draw from their blighted plane.

Of special and delicious concern is the succubus. By their vary nature, they are probably the most insidious of the servants we can draw upon. Luscious of form, many a man has found their life’s end in the embrace of these beautiful vipers. More humanoid in appearance that most of their ilk, they have the unique distinction of using a weapon to augment their formidable magical arsenal. The lash is their weapon of choice and in their skilled hands one can find the truth of the pleasure that lies beneath the pain they bring. Many are the foolish warlocks that lost their life when they were overcome with the temptations of their companion. The succubus is more than happy to turn her iron caress to the cause of her servitude. Pain and pleasure in equal measures, the succubus is the wisdom of the rose, the beauty of form that conceals the thorn underneath. Tread carefully with such by your side and remember that while you may be a man with the temptations of men, you are warlock and can see the truth through the illusion.

The Felhunter is a singularly nasty beast from the perspective of the magically inclined. Being a creature that feeds off the magical energies of the talented, I believe felhunters are the boogymen of the magical world. Ugly brutes, they often serve as shock troops when confronting war mages on the field of battle. The Felhunter has a special nack for finding the hidden around them, to the terror of elves and rogues alike. If you are afraid of thieves stealing your carefully horded magical tomes for the black market, set a felhunter on guard. Just make sure you toss it the occasional magical tidbit or it may find you looking rather tasty.

The true infernal, like the doomguard, are much like the dangerous and illogical contraptions of the goblins, in that they are best pointed at your enemies to cause as much havoc as possible while you move quickly in the opposite direction. The infernal is the very expression of malice, and as such will not long stay under your control once summoned. If you are very fortunate, your foes will destroy the creature before it breaks your control for once it is free of your dominion, it will seek to crush the very life from you in payment for it’s services. I simply cannot stress the care that must be taken while fielding these creatures. A good tactic is make friends with the more pious members of your adventuring party. When the infernal slips your control their usually nauseating altruism may lead them to jump in front of you to keep you from harm. If such occurs, make sure to thank them. After all, without fools our jobs would be that much harder.

The doomguard is the final and most deadly of the Fel we can call upon. Strangely, a facet of our spell work seems to actually draw them without the aid of a summons. This is dangerous to say the least, and the prudent warlock would do well to make sure they have the necessary components to bring such a creature under control if such should occur. Truthfully, it is not my place to instruct you in the nature of such beings. If you are foolish enough to desire their aid then by all means, do the required research yourself. I am not in the habit of instructing fools.

By the hand of Abdul Alhazred
Vizier of the Conclave of Warlocks


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