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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Visions of Combat:Druid

While not completely combat oriented, I still think this tale will make you smile.

Visions of Combat:Druid

…It did not take me long to find the tracks of the young human who had invaded my forest sanctum. Even had the trees not whispered to me of his passing I would have still been able to pick up his tracks. It never failed to amaze me that no matter how much time they spent in the wilderness, humans still managed to leave a trail that a half-blind kodo could follow.

It took less than an hour to finally come upon him. Gun in hand, he was apparently stalking Grimclaw, the Ironfur bear that I lived in this part of the forest, for I could see Grimclaw’s spoor at his feet. For a moment, I was almost tempted to let the fool actually find the surly giant. It was after all getting close to winter, and the bear would certainly find the opportunity for a quick meal agreeable.

No, this one was mine and it was about time that he learned why people left this portion of the woods alone…

I quickly closed the distance between us, moving silently from tree to tree. When I had moved close enough, I allowed him a glimpse of me. Predictably, he quickly fired at the great gray shape he most likely thought was the bear. Moving once more from tree to tree, I continued to taunt him with brief glimpses while all the while he furiously loaded and fired the noisy smelly rifle he carried. He must not had planned to be out long, for eventually his ammunition ran out and at that point, I broke from cover and quickly blinded him with a flash of Faerie Fire.

Briefly blinded, he stumbled into a tree and I quickly called up the tree’s roots to entangle him. Once he was securely snared, I casually walked up to him and folded my arms.

“Well, what has fortune brought me today? I asked, as I leaned forward and peered into face. Blinking furiously, I saw his startlement when he finally beheld me in my entire elven splendor.

“Wha…What is the meaning of this elf!?” he asked furiously, “By what right do you attack me like this?”

“Why by the right of the death I smell upon you, as well as the interesting collection of pelts I see swinging from your belt.” I said with as much surprise and innocence as I could muster without cracking a smile.

I could see the panic start to take hold in his eyes. Any moment now, I knew the pleading would start and was not disappointed.

“Please let me go! I meant no harm. I was simply trying to earn a living. I only take what I can use!! If you let me go, I will never come back. This I swear on the Light!” he cried.

I pretended to give it some thought till he desperately said, “You’re a Druid. You’re supposed to revere life and harmony. Where is the justice or forgiveness in this? It was simply a mistake!”

“Tell you what human. If you can answer three questions I will let you go.” I told him.

“Ask me anything!” he said with eager desperation.

“Will a predator kill for sport?” I asked him.

“No! A predatory kills from hunger!” he exclaimed.

“Ah, but the great cats of Stranglethorn Vale will often play a delicious game of cat and mouse with their prey. Even animals need amusement.” I told him. And with that, I quickly changed my index finger into a talon and leaning forward, open a thin painful gash from his right brow to his chin. I leaned back and licked my nail clean as I contemplated my work and my next question.

At this point, his initial cry of pain had turned into a ragged sob and he blinked frantically to clear the blood from his eye.

“Next question.” I told him sweetly.

“How many animals have you killed this day?” I asked

With evident relief, he quickly said “Six! I took six animals!”

Waving my finger back and forth before his nose I told him. “Really? But I see a wolf pelt at your side and the only wolves in this part of the forest are Grinner and his mate Leaf Catcher and their litter. They whelped four joyous pups this past spring. Apparently you have robbed those younglings of one of their parents. "

"Given that this looks to be a harsh winter, one or more is likely not to make it to spring, since one parent will not be enough to hunt for them. So, in fact you have killed seven or eight if not ten."

"Throw in the fact that wolves mate for life, and I expect which ever one is left will waste away mourning the loss of its mate."

"So, that makes the total possibly eleven.” I then slashed his other cheek. After that, I rammed my altered finger into the hollow of his shoulder. Working the nail around , it was satisfying to hear his howls of pain. After a bit, I casually withdrew and proceeded with my next question.

“One more; just one more. If you answer this one right, I will let you go.” I promised, “What is the lesson to be learned from this encounter?

Lifting his head and staring at me with pain and hate filled eyes, he choked out “That you Elvin bastards are the only ones that have a right to your precious forests, may the Twisting Nether take you!” then slumped in his restraints.

I could tell that he had given up all hope of walking away from this, so I decided it was time for the game to end.

“Wisdom often comes with a harsh cost human.” I told him gently. Then to his surprise, I released the roots that held him. Dropping to his knees, it took him a minute to understand that he was free. Recovering himself, he quickly jumped to his feet, turned and ran.

I waited till he had made forty paces before I started my change. Looking over his shoulder in his panicked flight, I saw the terror on his face as he saw me shift. His headlong race for safety was quickly brought to an end, as with but a few bounds, I caught him and ripped the great muscle at the back of his right leg. Falling to the ground and rolling over to face me, he started to crawl backwards as fast as his damaged leg would allow him.

Changing back, I sauntered up and used my weight to pin him. He then started to scream and curse me. “Damn your lying black heart! My family will come looking for me, and when they find what has befallen me, your stinking woods will be filled with hunters looking to take your head you filthy beast!”

I leaned in close like a lover and whispered into his ear “I certainly hope so. In fact, I’m counting on it.” Then started to change once again. As my shape rippled from Elvin to dire bear, he started to scream in earnest. I started with his face first…


Later back in my den, I went through his belongings. I chuckled when I thought over our conversation. Stranglethorn Vale’s large predatory cats were not the only things that enjoyed a bit of entertainment with their meal from time to time.

Thinking about those last words shared between us, I sincerely hoped his prediction came to pass. Grimclaw was not the only bear in these woods that needed to prepare for his winter hibernation…


Anonymous Straken said...

My goodness its a druid not a warlock!!Never thought they would be capable of inflicting the torture you described.

That said, you gave me a whole new perspective on druids. Very refreshing indeed.

You just got yourself a new fan :D

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that was awesome. I liked the new perspective you put on the Night Elves, and the Druids. I can't wait for the next one.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your stories have been excellent. This blog has been added to my favorites.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Conundrum said...

WOW! awesome story! thats one mean-ass druid man!


12:30 AM  

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